During the summer break, I took a trip to the East Coast, visiting the campuses of Harvard and MIT, because I am inspired to seek the best academic environment for my future studies when I graduate from high school, even though I am still in my seventh grade.  I also visited the Fine Arts Museum of Boston and the Museum of Science.  The Fine Arts Museum has a very rich collection.  However, after spending two days there, I found myself particularly attracted to the pizza place across the street more than the contents in the museum, even though I may someday develop a taste for stone ruins and broken arms and legs in bronze.  Nevertheless, I found myself transported by a haystack painting by Monet and a portrait by Rembrandt.

Perhaps due to my youth, I found the Museum of Science more interesting.  I even pretended to be a Hercules from Alvarado holding up the globe.  I was overwhelmed by the IMAX presentation of lovely pandas being nurtured and trained back to nature.  The symphonic presentation of thunders was intriguing.

During the entire trip, I enjoyed my stay at the Harvard Club of Boston, especially the wonderful breakfast with fresh berries every morning. The subway system, although quite convenient, was extremely noisy and screechy; I even recorded those unbearable screeches, especially during sharp turns, for future fun and I have since played several times after my trip to torture myself for pleasure.

I liked the clam chowder at SkipJacks, rich and gratifying, compared to the rubbery ones in California.  The family-owned pizza place across the street from the Fine Arts Museum produced the best Veggie Lover I have ever had, with gluey, falling cheese and crispy crust covered with locally produced fresh vegetables, surpassing all those I have taken from Pizza Hut, Domino and Costco.  I must admit that the delicious pizza from that tiny place must have been the driving force making me go back to the Fine Arts Museum two days in a row.

The only regret I had about the trip was the hasty responses from local people whenever I asked for directions.  The most memorable experience was my encounter at a subway station trying to change from the Orange line to one of the 3 Green lines.   I asked a lady walking by for directions.  “Gee!”  After a brief recovery from her unexpected shock, the lady hastily responded “I don’t know,” rushing away in a hurry.  Finally, I managed to find the right platform for the Green line I wanted.  The moment the same lady realized that I was standing right by her, she brushed with a touch of guilt.  I forgave her with a generous smile.

I intend to visit other campuses in the near future, like Chicago, Yale, and Stanford, and I will study hard from now on.  Fortunately my dad can reinforce my studies.




Throughout my campaign, I was shocked to find out that NOT one was aware of the fact that your local public school Board has the taxing power to hit your pockets, increasing your property taxes, as long as you own a property within the school district.  Most people thought, once their children had gone to colleges, that the local school board election had little meaning to them.  This is the biggest common mistake by every property owner, becoming a victim of the local school board issuing school bonds without any justification.  You should take this election very seriously.  

I want you to pick up your recent property tax bill now and take a closer look.  You will be shocked to find that under “Unified Schools“, your property tax bill has just gone up 1.3% of your property value by yet another unnecessary and wasteful school bond issued by your local school board.

As long as you are a property owner, you have been a victim of RUSD school Board, because they keep increasing our property taxes by issuing more school bonds, allegedly, for building more school facilities, notwithstanding the fact that they just closed 3 schools and lost over 2,000 students. 

Why do we need to build more school facilities when they had to lease the closed, unused facilities to private schools, collecting rents as a landlord?  

They are doing it again.  We must stop such abuses.

There are many compelling facts and evidence showing the current school board being corrupt, dishonest, incompetent, unethical, discriminatory and illegal. They are run like a quasi-criminal operation and only the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO“) can bring them to justice, forcing them to disgorge whatever profits or issues derived from their wrongful proceeds from RUSD either directly or indirectly, plus treble damages.  



I am running, because I want to change the status quo of rewarding the School Management top salaries for a totally unacceptable performance–closing 3 schools and losing over 2,000 students without any accountability nor any sign of improvement.


1. I want to re-write RUSD Bylaws, treating parents as equal partners to participate in the formation and delivery of quality education to our children, abolishing bureaucracy, and holding Management transparent and accountable with sanctions and penalties to ensure full compliance with their duties and responsibilities as mandated by the By-laws.
2. I want to stop the School Board from issuing additional school bonds, thus increasing our property tax without any justification; I want to cut Management waste and remove incompetent Management for unacceptable performance.
3. I want to have smaller classes and use current technology for teaching and learning.
4. I want to have all the libraries and playgrounds opened for 2 hours after the school is over so that the students will have a place to study and play with classmates in a safe setting. This will also give parents the flexibility to pick up their children.
5. I want to stop the unfair and illegal punishments against our children.
6. I want to empower the parents to remove any incompetent or hostile teacher or management personnel overriding the Board and Superintendent, if the Board fails to act, notwithstanding compelling reasons.
7. I want to publish all public records of RUSD on RUSD’s website to prevent self-dealings, e.g., RUSD contracts, projects, cash reserve, investment portfolio and performance, etc.
8. I want to install independent legal counsel for parents and students to make sure student and parental rights are not violated by the School Board and School Management.
9. I want to install independent accounting firm for the community to conduct periodical auditing for publication.
10. I want to change the school district from a hostile and deceitful bureaucracy into a friendly place “of the community, for the students and by the parents and teachers” rather than a pretentious and hostile private club “of, by and for the Board and the Management”.

Recently, Los Angeles Superior Court echos my observations and commitment:
 Incompetent public school teachers must be removed regardless of union protections.



Achieve a Wholesome Place for Students


When I signed up at the County Registrar’s Office to run for one of the three seats on the School Board, I put down my occupation as “Nobody”, but the staff told me I had to be “Somebody”. Well the only “somebody” that fits in this election is a concerned parent and taxpayer, because I have lived in this area for 20 years and my son is going to Blanford Elementary.  And I will tell you why with my personal experiences and encounters.  Read Complete Article.

Rectify Deceitful Press Release by RUSD on School Closures


According to the School District’s own press release as worded by the Board, the Board approved the closures of 3 schools in 2010, due to the loss of 1,940 students to Walnut Valley Unified School District.  The 3 schools closed are (1) Farjardo Elementary School, (2) La Seda Elementary, and (3) Rincon Intermediate School.  Shamelessly, in the entire press release, the School Management blamed, not itself, but (i) the State for cutting the budget, and (ii) the parents for transferring students to other school districts.   Read Complete Article.

Stop Students Being Used as Income-Producing Properties


The School District issued another press release priding themselves for having won the court battle against Walnut Valley Unified School District so that Walnut could not accept further transfers from our school district, because the court adopted RUSD’s argument that the issue of the dispute causing such transfers to Walnut School District was a “fiscal decision”, not a “parental decision”.  What a fat lie, nonsense!   Read Complete Article.

Stop Practices of Anti-Parents and Anti-Students


For years, RUSD is known for being “anti-teachers, anti-parents, and anti-students”.  According to the President’s Letter of the Rowland Teachers Union, Read Complete Article.

Make RUSD Comply with the Law

'We're dealing with a really defiant criminal here...'

Another serious problem I have found in dealing with the Rowland Unified School District is they simply chose to disregard the law, willfully violating the California Education Code and the California Public Records Act.  Here are some recent examples.   Read Complete Article.

Re-Write School Board Bylaws, Eliminating Corruptions

Rewriting bylaws-2

The current Bylaws of 1 and ½ pages is practically void,  making the board operations non-transparent and the board members unaccountable, resulting in deceits, abuses, and corruptions, among other deficiencies.  This is a joke, allowing such meaningless Bylaws to guide the Board and the School Management to run a student body of almost 15,000 with an annual budget of almost $150 million.  The only way to eradicate such problems is to rewrite the Bylaws, making the RUSD operations transparent and the board members and the management fully accountable.   Read Complete Article.

United-We Prevail!

To conclude, my campaign seeks no commercial endorsement. My solutions do not involve hiring or firing, absent compelling needs to cut waste or to remove deficient teachers or employees.  If you share my commitment and vision, please rise to the occasion, joining together so that we, as a team, can make RUSD a friendly and caring place committed to education by competent and accountable educators free from any corruption or waste.



  • ABOLISH  the Ever-Condemned Bureaucracy !
  • ERADICATE Incompetence & Corruption !
  • EMPOWER Parents to Remove Unresponsive Management !
  • CUT  Wasteful Spending by School Management !
  • LOWER Class-Size !
  • STOP  Illegal & Unfair Punishment of Your Child !
  • SO THAT  Parental/Student Rights are Honored & Teaching/Learning Quality Can be Improved !


1. The man with skills & determination to abolish ever-condemned bureaucracy at RUSD.

2. The man with determination & commitment to eradicate incompetence & corruptions at RUSD.

3. The man with expertise to rewrite Bylaws making RUSD transparent & accountable.

4. The man with passion & vision to revitalize RUSD to achieve integrity & excellence .

Provide a Fertile Ground for Students to Grow


So They Can Grow up as Good Crops…