Another Tax Hike By Local School Board!


By Wild Chang
Do you know as a property owner,  you have just been hit by your local public school board with another school bond, increasing your property tax by 1.3% of your property value for building more school facilities without any justification. Check your property bill that you just received and you will see a substantial increase under the item called “Unified Schools”.  No one is immune from being a victim of our public school board, as long as you are a voter or as long you are a property owner in the Rowland Unified School District. 
Within the last 3 years, they lost over 2,000 students and closed 3 schools.  They even had to lease the closed, unused school facilities to a private school, collecting rent as a landlord.  They have over taxed us and have been sitting on a cash reserve 4 times more than required by the state law.  They have more school facilities than they can use, and they have more cash reserve than they can spend.  Therefore, there is absolutely no justification whatsoever, issuing another $160 Millions school bonds allegedly for building more school facilities.   If this is not an abuse of their taxing powers, what else can you call it.  Enough!!!.  
Based on my personal experience dealing with the School District, the current school board and current school management have been running our school district like a quasi-criminal operation, without any accountability and without any transparency. They have willfully violated the California Education Code and the California Public Records Act.  Under the Public Records Act, any public agency, including the local school board, is required to produce  the public record being requested within 10 business days.  As of today, they have not produced any single page of any public record that I have requested since September 19, 2013.   Just visit my web under RUSD Problems and you will see the detailed email correspondence showing the ongoing violations by the Board.
If I am elected, I am going to stop them from issuing the remaining $110 Million school bonds that are slated to be issued soon.  If I am elected, I am going to find a way to give you a tax refund from the $50 million they had just improperly taxed on your property.
Compared to other candidates, I might be the only person that can stop them from such abuses and wrongdoings, because of my prior legal training being a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School with a Juries Doctor degree, and because of my prior professional experiences working on Wall Street on bond issues advising the underwriters and the issuers.
This is just of one of the many wrongdoings and abuses being committed by the current school board and management.  This is just one of many reasons why I am running for the Rowland Unified School District Board.  Please watch my videos on this web and Youtube for additional coverage.

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