My educational and professional training and experiences have prepared me well to make

RUSD and its Board Members responsive and responsible as required by law and their fiduciary duties.


  • (i)   Stop the Unissued School Bonds;
  • (ii)  Rewrite RUSD Bylaws holding them Accountable & Transparent;
  • (iii)  Reform Union Contracts to Remove Deficient Principals & Teachers; and
  • (iv)  Transform Corrupt RUSD into an institution Of the Community, By the Parents & Teachers, and For the Students”.


(Chinese) (Korean)
  • Education

  • University of Chicago Law School, Juris Doctor
  • University of Virginia, MA Program in Government & Foreign Affairs
  • Soochow University, LL.M.
  • Soochow University, LL.B.
  • Teaching Experience

  • Visiting Professor, Peking University
  • Visiting Professor, Fudan University
  • Visiting Professor, Shenyang Finance College
  • Honors

  • United Nations Visiting Scholar
  • Invited by Finance Minister of Taiwan to speak on Securitization and Urban Redevelopment
  • Invited by Audit and Securities Ministers of China to speak on Capital Markets and Going Public
  • Professional Experiences

  • Advising Underwriters and Issuers on Bond Issues on Wall Street
  • Rewriting Bylaws to Institutionalize Board operations, making the Management Transparent
  • Holding the Management Accountable and Preventing Abuses by the Board and the Management
  • Community Services

  • School Site Council Board Member
  • Frequent Donator of Books, Blurays, DVDs, Supplies, Funds, Goods…to Schools, Classes and Community Events
  • Hobbies

  • Painting, Chinese Calligraphy, Classical Music, Opera and Youtube
  • Singing Marriage of Figaro with 7th Grade Son


Figaro PNG-350


  • ABOLISH  the Ever-Condemned Bureaucracy !
  • ERADICATE Incompetence & Corruption !
  • EMPOWER Parents to Remove Unresponsive Management !
  • CUT  Wasteful Spending by School Management !
  • LOWER Class-Size !
  • STOP  Illegal & Unfair Punishment of Your Child !
  • SO THAT  Parental/Student Rights are Honored & Teaching/Learning Quality Can be Improved !


1. The man with skills & determination to abolish ever-condemned bureaucracy at RUSD.

2. The man with determination & commitment to eradicate incompetence & corruptions at RUSD.

3. The man with expertise to rewrite Bylaws making RUSD transparent & accountable.

4. The man with passion & vision to revitalize RUSD to achieve integrity & excellence .

And I Want to Put a Stop to Student Flight


Ensure Due Respect for Students