Dear Supporters

Thank Voters-1

Dear Supporters,

First we would like to express our hearty thanks to each and every supporter.  We have accomplished a lot with minimal manpower and resources available, surpassing those elected, because if we subtracted from the top 2 elected (i) 800 votes delivered by the Rowland Teachers Union, and (ii) another 800 votes delivered by the Employees Union, our votes are much higher than those of the top 2 elected.  

Absent the formidable war chest and 30 teachers, plus many students, campaigning full time for those 2, it is very doubtful any of those 2 would have won the election.  Based on the merits and substance, I should have won.  For now, it is  a temporary setback of student and parental rights and the silent majority of the community, because only less than 20% of the registered voters cast their votes in this election.

Nevertheless, our relentless investigation of the incumbent corruptions has at least defeated one and marginalized the other.  But for the illegal practice of withholding public records about the bond issues by the current management acting in concert with the 2 incumbents running for re-election, the second incumbent would have been defeated as well.

The results of this election are the worst combination as I have forewarned under S.O.S., Rise to Act NOW Before It’s Too Late.  On the one hand, you have the same incompetent and dishonest current Board members that have perpetuated violating the California Public Records Act and the California Code of Education as well demonstrated throughout my campaign and on this website.   Given the 80-page, 23,000 words union contract, the current board has not been able to fire any teacher because of deficient performance that has contributed to closing 3 schools and losing over 2,000 students.  Now, we have 2 new board members that have been bankrolled by the teachers Union.  Their singular duty is to advocate the best interest of the member teachers, leaving the students, the parents and the entire community at the mercy of the powerful unions.

This is another unfortunate phenomenon and painful reality in American democracy, i.e., virtually every election is controlled by unions or political machines.   After a full day of reflection and debates, we consider that given more practice and discipline, those supporters can be multiplied into an invincible force, because the silent majority, when awaken, is the the ultimate mandate for the community, not those proxies of unions, and certainly not those through dishonest and illegal manipulations.

On advice of certain community members and parents, we are in the process of forming a focused civic entity taking immediate steps (i) to prevent, debunk and correct any deficient, incompetent, dishonest or corrupt practices in existing and future operations of the school Board and management, (ii) to prevent and correct such distorted election results through forums and events waking up the silent majority, and (iii) to recall any Board Member that fails or breaches his or her fiduciary duty, engages in self-dealings, or any other illegal act contrary to the word or the spirit of any applicable law.  Stay tuned. 

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