Local School Board Can Tax You Like City Hall

Local School Board Can Tax You Like City Hall

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Throughout my campaign, I was shocked to find out that NOT one was aware of the fact that your local public school Board has the taxing authority and power to hit your pocket, increasing your property tax, as long as you own a property here.  Most people thought that the local school board election is the lowest level without any significance.  A lot of people show zero interest in such low level of election, because their children had gone to college.  This is the biggest common mistake and misconception in everyone’s mind that have made them victims of school board elections.  

I want you to pick up your recent property tax bill now and take a closer look.  You will be shocked to find that under “Unified Schools“, your property tax bill has just gone up 1.3% of your property value by yet another unnecessary and wasteful school bond issued by your local school board.

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As long as you are a property owner, you have been a victim of current school Board, because they have increased your property taxes to issue more school bonds, allegedly,  for building more school facilities.  They are doing it again.   

They just closed 3 schools and lost over 2,000 students.  Why do we need to build more school facilities when they had to lease the unused, closed facilities to private school, collecting rent as a landlord?   

Therefore, you should take this election very seriously.  You will find many compelling facts and evidence showing that the current school board is corrupt, dishonest, incompetent, unethical, discriminatory and illegal, running the school district like a quasi-criminal operation that perhaps only the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO“) can bring them to justice, forcing them to disgore whatever profits or issues derived from their wrongful proceeds from the RUSD either directly or indirectly, plus treble damages.  Below are just summaries and the background why I am compelled to participate in this election for no other purposes than cleaning up this corrupt and decayed bureaucracy for the best interest of our children and our entire community.

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