Love Alone is Not Enough

Love Alone Not Enough-1a

By Wild Chang
During the recent candidates forum hosted by Rowland Parents and Educators Association at Rowland Community Center, almost every candidate preached “love” for the community as the main driving cause to run for this election.  I was the only candidate who pointed out that “love” alone was not enough, otherwise everyone living in this community should be elected to run the school board.  None, except me, has provided any substantive and concrete steps to resolve the current issues and problems being confronted by the school district.
In fact, we need more than “love” that has been unfortunately overly recycled without any meaningful substance.  In addition to passion and compassion for the community, what we need are solid plans of solutions to achieve better education for our next generation:
(i)                To tear apart the issues and ferret out the problems so that the long accumulated, but ever condemned bureaucracy can be abolished and eradicated;
(ii)              To overhaul the entire school district by rewriting the Bylaws that govern the school Board and the school Management so that the future operations of the school district can be transparent, and that the future school Board and School Management can be held accountable to the students, the parents, the teachers, and the entire community;
(iii)            To install an independent legal counsel for the students, the parents and the community to ensure full compliance with applicable State and Federal law by the school district so that our rights are not abused or compromised as is the current situation;
(iv)            To install an independent accounting firm for the students, the parents and the community to ensure faithful compliance with strict fiscal discipline so that public taxing and spending abuses as is the current situation can be avoided;
(v)              To empower the parents to remove the incompetent or irresponsive school Management personnel so that we parents and students do not have to move to another school district for better education, but let us remove those ungrateful liabilities away from this school district.
(vi)            To post every public record on the school website for open access and public examination and inspection consistent with the spirit of the California Public Records Act;
(vii)          To post periodically as required by law the status and results of the school district’s cash reserve, and its spending of the annual budget and its every public project in progress;
(viii)        To ensure equal participation by the parents and the teachers in the formation and delivery of teaching materials so that the students receive the best results of teaching and learning, not just ostensible growth in testing numbers, but in substantive writing skills; and
(ix)            To stop the illegal and unfair punishment of students absent advanced written notice of any such school rules to the parents, and to stop any illegal and unequal privileges for select students by the school Management simply because they are children of school personnelequal treatment for all!
Above are just some of the most urgent steps that must be implemented.  In light of the above enumerated tasks, none of them can be accomplished by “love” alone; we need someone with solid professional training, abilities, experiences and commitment who is not afraid of the enormous resistance from the existing members of the School Board and the School Management and who is not afraid of bringing any of the wrong doers to justice.
Let us talk about “love” in an empty context no morebut concrete steps to resolve the many issues and problems created by the current members of the School Board and the School Management.
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