The internet has revolutionized the speed of information delivery and dissemination; such speed and convenience have also created the danger of inaccuracy. It is very dangerous for innocent readers, especially such inaccurate publication is made by reputable media as identified below for comparision:

The Guardian is one of the best and leading news media in the world that is known for its unbiased and pioneering reports on world events, as demonstrated in its most acclaimed reports on Edward Snowden exposing NSA’s worldwide invasion of digital privacy. However, in this particular report as cited below, the Guardian is shy from being accurate, despite using 136 words in 4 paragraphs.  The heading is especially misleading, according to the context.

WCC Times’s report on the same event, on the other hand, is precise, succinct and to the point, using only 53 words, including the title, but describing the gist of the entire event, even pointing out the important difference between the  2 rulings by the Supreme Court and the circuit court, respectively.

This discussion is by no means to belittle the Guardian, which is undoubtedly a fearless leader among its peers, but to point out the inevitable fallacies of internet reporting nowadays.  The only way to remedy such situation, especially for students of formative stage, is to read as many reports as possible for the same event, not only to filter inaccurate reports due to instant reporting pressure, but to gain a broader and more objective understanding of world events–a necessary preparation for each and every modern and responsible netizen.



Supreme court: president able to make appointments during Senate recess

The supreme court ruled on Thursday that the US president is permitted to make executive appointments during Senate recesses, but has also upheld the power of Congress to hold brief “pro-forma” sessions that would block such appointments.

In their ruling, the justices confirmed the president’s longstanding power to fill government posts during recesses without the approval of the Senate. But they also said that so-called “pro-forma” sessions, when the Senate was gavelled in for just a few minutes, were valid.

The case turned on appointments made by Barack Obama to the National Labor Relations Board and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, while Republican lawmakers held brief sessions during the holidays.

The sessions were deliberately designed to prevent the president from making the appointments, which Republicans had opposed during full sessions of Congress.

More details soon …(June 26, 2014, The Guardian)


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US Senate can use pro forma sessions to block Obama’s recess appointments requiring Senate confirmations, unless such recess appointments are made at least 10 days after Senate recess…This Supreme Court ruling has broadened the circuit court ruling, i.e., such vacancies need not arise during the Senate recess.(June 26, 2014, WCC Times)



As promised, on the same afternoon, the Guardian delivers a more detailed report on the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obama’s very aggressive recess appointments, bypassing Senate’s confirmations. Although, the heading makes a 180 degree u-turn, correcting the mistake in its earlier report as discussed above, the report, although more elaborate employing 1,353 words in 36 paragraphs, still fails to focus on the material issues presented by the Supreme Court’s ruling as dissected below.

There are 3 issues presented in this ruling: (i) whether Obama’s Executive Branch under the Constitution has the power to make appointments that require Senate’s confirmations during a very brief recess, (ii) whether the Senate can block Obama’s recess appointments using pro forma sessions, and (iii) whether the vacancies must arise during the Senate recess.

Unfortunately, the Guardian’s subsequent report, although touching on those issues, is wordy and confusing, far from lucid, burying the 3 material issues in a writing of 1,353 words over a long span of 36 paragraphs.  Given the influx of voluminous digital information available on virtually any new event and the very limited reading time one can allocate to any particular writing, any news report must be lucid and to the point, not tangential or unfocused.

First, the Guardian report should have in the very beginning addressed the 3 issues raised and resolved by the Supermen Court, compared to the positions of the circuit court.

Second, the Guardian report should have focused on the historical background of Recess Appointments.

Third, the Guardian report should have focused on the current state of political disagreement and maneuvering between Obama and the Republican Senators.

Fourth, the Guardian report should have focused on the compromising process at the Supreme Court.

Lastly, the Guardian report should have attempted to analyze the sentence structure of the Constitutional clause at issue, i.e.: “The president shall have power to fill up all vacancies that may happen during the recess of the Senate…” –Article. II, Section 2, of the US Constitution.

According to the sentence structure, “that may happen during the recess of the Senate…” clearly modifies “all vacancies”. Therefore, the circuit court’s analysis and ruling are more accurate and precise, i.e., those vacancies must arise during the Senate Recess, NOT those arising during the Senate is in session.

The Supreme Court’s compromising position in light of historical background and the difficulty for future Presidents to use such power, is legally and democratically wrong, because (i) if the Senate is controlled by the same party of the President, it is a non-issue, and (ii) if the Senate is controlled by a different political party, the check and balance is exactly what the original framers had intended, forcing the President to compromise with the majority.

The majority 5 must have been intellectually dishonest, because how can Justice Breyer, writing on behalf of the majority, contradict himself by saying that the constitution empowers the Senate to fashion “how and when to conduct its business”, including its schedule, but doing just the opposite–usurping Senate’s power to redefine the meaning of Senate Recess on behalf of the Senate with excuses of textual ambiguity and historical silence on this issue.

Granted Supreme Court justices are products of political appointments and confirmations, they should act as intellectually honest and independent jurists, not as arbitrators making political compromises for politicians.




Recent brush fires in California in May 2014 have inadvertently exposed a new educational crisis that must be contained and extinguished urgently like brush fires. The day the brush fires broke out in northern San Diego county, similar brush fires also broke out in the media by Los Angeles Times and Time Magazine as highlighted below:

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20,000 homes evacuated in San Diego County fire

San Diego County ordered the evacuation of 20,000 homes Tuesday as a fast-moving wildfire race through the North County…(By a Times staff writer, LA Times, May 13, 2014, 5:04 P.M.)

Brush fires break out and spread in northern San Diego County

…The San Diego fires forced evacuations of schools, businesses, homes, a mobile-home park and Cal State San Marcos, along with causing massive traffic jams and stretching firefighting resources almost to the breaking point.…(By TONY PERRY, VERONICA ROCHA AND JILL COWAN, LA Times, May 14, 2014, 10:15 P.M.)



20,000 Homes Evacuated as Wildfires Burn Near San Diego

More than 20,000 homes in and around San Diego were evacuated after more than 700 acres were torched by wildfires, which officials say have been brought on by an extended period of drought and high temperatures…(By David Stout, Time Magazine, May 14, 2014)


I was alarmed to see identical glaring mistakes by leading national news media, because any student of English Language should know that “Evacuate” means “Physically remove someone or something from a place of danger”, and “Evacuation” means “Physical removal of someone or something to be evacuated for safety”.  Consequently, it is physically impossible to evacuate the “Homes”.  Therefore, the correct and precise usage is “Residents of 20,000 homes” were evacuated rather than “20,000 homes” were evacuated.  Unfortunately, there are more serious grammatical and syntax problems committed by many teachers at Rowland Unified School District (RUSD) that have contributed to writing pollution in our society that must be purified without any further excuses or delays. Otherwise, we will be flooded with more writing mistakes in our daily life.

(Note: LA Times is the leading local newspaper and Time for Kids is mandatory reading for RUSD students.)




A Margery Asked the Following Questions:

Dear Mr. Chang,

I’m deciding how to vote in Tuesday’s elections.  Please let me know the candidate’s positions on these issues. How would you describe Mr. Chang’s position? (List all that apply.)  Thank you.

1) … is he
(a). social conservative
(b). fiscal conservative
(c). liberal
(d). libertarian
(e). other: _____

2) … are his foundations based more on
(a). secular humanism or
(b). biblical faith
(c). other: _____

3) … Common Core
(a). supports
(b). opposes
(c). other: _____

4) … AB1266
(a). supports AB1266 Co-Ed School Showers & Bathrooms
(b). supports petitions to repeal AB1266:
(c). other: _____

Answer 1: I am always fiscally conservative. I cannot believe many federal and local governments can go on abusing their taxing powers or issuing more papers to borrow money, hijacking the financial health of our future generations before they are even born.

As to social issues, I don’t believe in big bureaucracy or any bureaucracy. I believe in handwork, not free charity. Only issues of national concerns require government actions. However, when you see recent scandals about internet privacy violations, no one should relinquish his or her rights to have access to government actions or to recall unsuitable political persons.
However, I also consider myself liberal, when it comes to civil rights or citizen rights, e.g., absolute access to public records as allowed, but not restricted under the color or pretext of national security.

Answer 2: I am always subscribed to human efforts more than religious praying in achieving practical goals, although I am not opposed to any religious practice so long as such practice contributes to efficient, positive and peaceful results.

Answer 3: Education is a living and ongoing process of teaching and learning. As such, I will never allow education to be bound by a program unconditionally, because a Common Core may be good and may be flawed. Given the failures and wastes of many federal programs, I cannot accept as is and I must reserve my right to evaluate and to reject, if necessary. If our federal government cannot even handle the disaster aid program on an ad hoc basis, how can you expect them to be capable of doing a good job formulating a national Common Core for every child? This has already become a font of corruptions like the ones in Atlanta.

Answer 4: I strongly oppose AB1266, and I have collected and submitted many signatures already.

I hope I have answered your questions.  And, if you find my answers agreeable, go out and get more votes for me.  Thank you.




Do you know as a property owner,  you have just been hit by your local public school board with another school bond, increasing your property tax by 1.3% of your property value for building more school facilities without any justification. Check your property bill that you just received and you will see a substantial increase under the item called “Unified Schools”…

Within the last 3 years, they lost over 2,000 students and closed 3 schools.  They even had to lease the closed, unused school facilities to a private school, collecting rent as a landlord.  They have over taxed us and have been sitting on a cash reserve 4 times more than required by the state law.  They have more school facilities than they can use, and they have more cash reserve than they can spend.  Therefore, there is absolutely no justification whatsoever, issuing another $160 Millions school bonds allegedly for building more school facilities.   If this is not an abuse of their taxing powers, what else can you call it…Find Out Why Here …




… And I discovered, notwithstanding the apparent good intentions by the school, the Alvarado School Compact was nevertheless a very Englishy, but un-English and improper, Compact in form and substance. 

As to the form: … Absent a prior written authorization or approval, a teacher’s signature simply cannot represent or bind the school or all other teachers as indicated in the Compact, i.e., “All teachers have agreed to abide by this compact” right under the signature line for “Teacher’s signature”…

As to the substance: I discovered that all the pledges were rife with many mistakes in grammar, syntax, and operational attitude. … For example, … how can a student be responsible for his own behavior by following all school and classroom rules?  A student can only be responsible for his own behavior, if and only if that student fails to follow any schools and classroom rules…Find Out Why Here…


where is the beef-1


On closer examination… I saw no beef being offered by any of the other candidates… Another thing that amazed me tonight was all other candidates were sucked into talking about how they wanted to spend the proceeds from the Measure R Bond before reading the bond issue papers, not knowing that there was no need to issue such bond, because the school board had mismanaged the school district, causing closures of 3 schools and flights of 2.000 students to neighboring school districts.  Even the two incumbents that were personally involved with the bond issue, could not give any intelligent or responsible answers to justify the bond issue.  They must be either genius or idiots, talking empty nothing, but pretending to be something.  This is another danger of pretense…

If you don’t want to pay more property taxes only to be abused and wasted by the current board, you should not be fooled by their “phantom beef”, if any, at all…Find Out Why Here…




Recently the Rowland Unified School Board and School Management issued a Press Release, priding themselves of saving almost $3 Million in interest cost from a recent refinance of a school General Obligation Bond.  On closer examination of the Press Release alone, it reveals that the School Board and the School Management have in fact wasted at least more than double, or even more, before the refinance due to the much higher interest rate when the bond was issued, and due to the prolonged delay of the much needed refinance, given the interest rate has been very low for several years.

The worst is not over, because that Cash Reserve of $54 Million derived from the bond issue is also shrinking very day…Find Out Why Here…


Love Alone Not Enough-1a


During the recent candidates forum hosted by Rowland Parents and Educators Association at Rowland Community Center, almost every candidate preached “love” for the community as the main driving cause for this election…

In fact, we need more than “love” that has been unfortunately overly recycled without any meaningful substance. In addition to passion and compassion for the community, what we need are solid plans of solutions to achieve better education for our next generation: …Find Out Why Here…



  • ABOLISH  the Ever-Condemned Bureaucracy !
  • ERADICATE Incompetence & Corruption !
  • EMPOWER Parents to Remove Unresponsive Management !
  • CUT  Wasteful Spending by School Management !
  • LOWER Class-Size !
  • STOP  Illegal & Unfair Punishment of Your Child !
  • SO THAT  Parental/Student Rights are Honored & Teaching/Learning Quality Can be Improved !


1. The man with skills & determination to abolish ever-condemned bureaucracy at RUSD.

2. The man with determination & commitment to eradicate incompetence & corruptions at RUSD.

3. The man with expertise to rewrite Bylaws making RUSD transparent & accountable.

4. The man with passion & vision to revitalize RUSD to achieve integrity & excellence .

And I Will Clean Up That Place for You!



Stop Self-Dealings at Students Expense