In order to resolve the problems at RUSD as identified,  I need volunteers and your votes to put me onto the School Board in this election.  Below are certain suggestions that we can unite our efforts to make it happen.  Please feel free to organize your friends not only for the sake of our kids, but for the sake of the community.






 羅蘭學區教委候選人張明亮(Wild Chang27日舉行競選衝刺造勢活動。張明亮指出,學區因為經費缺失關掉了數所小學,但卻為學區多位高層加薪,經費應用失衡。羅蘭學區學校普通教職人員平均薪資在全美排在後位。 張明亮表示學區沒有必要發行公債,學區校舍修建存在程序不透明等問題。記者啟鉻/羅蘭崗報導




On closer examination of the endorsers of other candidates, I was alarmed by the looming danger that this election may be stolen or hijacked by unions, entrenched, but well-oiled, local political machines and local special interest groups that may make the new Board even worse than ever, unless the silent majority of parents and community members act now, uniting our efforts to elect the only candidate that can advocate the best interests of the students, the parents and the entire community.

For Example, the Association of Rowland Educators or abbreviated as “ARE” is actually a die-hard Union under the disguise of “Association” wrapped in an innocent apple that deducts directly from the the school district 1/10 (in plain English, 10%) of each teacher member’s monthly salary for membership dues.  That could mean a monthly war chest of over $400,000 for the Union members, and their  singular purpose is nothing but to enhance teacher members pecuniary interest and working environment.  Out of the 79-page and over 23,000 words in the Union contract with the Rowland Unified School District, there is NOT a single word advocating the best interests of the students, let alone the parents or the entire community.  That 79 pages, 23,000 words Union contract has in fact held the school district as a hostage.  Given the monthly revenue of at least $400,000 from member teachers, no wonder they are able to launch a very aggressive campaign, endorsing 2 candidates with a formidable war chest and immense manpower of 30 teachers campaigning full time, because for a fraction of their investment, their return is enormous.  They will be able to sit on the Board, taping their hands directly into that $54 Million Cash Reserve, plus $1 Billion of budget, as stated by one of their candidates. 

Teachers are already well represented by a very powerful union that has secured a very favorable union contract for teachers, getting all benefits imaginable, including ensured pay raises, leaves and holidays, and access to school facilities for union activities.   Do we really need 2 new directors from the teachers Union?  Given their avowed interest to tap into the cash reserve, the $54 Million Cash Reserve may dissipate in 3 years.

Both are cross-endorsed by current and past board members and superintendent that are responsible for the recent closures of 3 schools and flight of over 2,000 students to the neighboring school districts for better education.  This raises a serious doubt about their credibility, commitment and abilities to bring anything new to the Board, other than the expressed interest in the enormous cash reserve that has been improperly raised from local property taxes.  One of the two is further endorsed by entrenched political machines and local political fraternity members because of the spouse’s local political positions and affiliations, thus making this election process more politically entangled and manipulated than should be.


School Unions PNG-380


The local Chapter of California School Employees Association, one of the most organized and powerful labor unions in California, has endorsed incumbent candidates in this election.  This might have explained why in the entire history of this school district, some board members could be reelected year after year regardless of their unacceptable performance of closing 3 schools and losing over 2,000 students in 2010 alone.  But for such a powerful union group to deliver union votes, it is impossible to have such ridiculous outcome year after year.  They are the group that has never voiced any concerns for transparency or accountability, except for their own pay raises and benefits.

As of today, I have never seen or heard any teacher feeling or saying sorry for having contributed to closing 3 schools and losing 2,000+ students.  Are those teachers really blameless?  Nor have I ever heard any school employee complaining about such school closures and mass student flight.  Other than pecuniary interest, the school employees Union simply cares less about teaching or learning quality.  

One critical thing that the silent majority has overlooked is the 5-member school board on behalf of the school district has virtually unlimited taxing powers and authorities, just like a city hall–which is unheard of to many, especially to those new immigrants.  Because of the taxing powers and authorities, the school boards in this country have often been mis-used by local politicians for personal political purposes, as being manipulated now.

It will be too late for you to complain, if the new Board is occupied and controlled by unions, local politicians and special interest groups, causing more local taxes, more school closures and more student flights.  Let education be the sacred affairs of parents, students and competent and caring teachers, not the spoils of unions or political machines.

This school board election may change the educational priority from students to teachers and unions, and from community to special interest groups. We owe our duties and conscience to our future generations and we must stand guard the well-being of our children.

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We are Drafting Community-Minded Volunteers !

Only Parents, Students and Community Members are Qualified.

Minors are Also Welcome, But for Pizza Parties Only.

It's Your School PNG-330x148

Wild Chang is running for community service, not for personal gain.  Despite his personal abilities and commitment to eradicating incompetence, corruptions and ongoing violations of law by the current Board and Management, he must first be elected to the Board.

Your help is essential and critical to achieving positive changes, because the current Board is hijacked and 2 incumbents for reelection are cross endorsed by existing Board members and key administrators that have been running RUSD into the ground financially and academically for over a decade.  If any one of the two incumbents gets reelected, you will be stuck with the same Board of incompetence and self-dealings without any accountability or transparency.

The remaining candidates are well-funded and endorsed by special interest groups or commercial entities.  I am the best candidate that seeks neither commercial nor special interest group endorsements.

I seek support only from equally concerned citizens so that if I am elected, I have no baggage except your mandate to change that private club into an academic institution which every community member can feel part of it and proud of it.


Option 1.   A street or precinct organizer arranging gatherings with Candidate.

Option 2.   A street or precinct walker distributing Handouts to voters.

Option 3.   A volunteer handing out campaign materials at public places.

Option 4.   Others.


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  • ABOLISH  the Ever-Condemned Bureaucracy !
  • ERADICATE Incompetence & Corruption !
  • EMPOWER Parents to Remove Unresponsive Management !
  • CUT  Wasteful Spending by School Management !
  • LOWER Class-Size !
  • STOP  Illegal & Unfair Punishment of Your Child !
  • SO THAT  Parental/Student Rights are Honored & Teaching/Learning Quality Can be Improved !


1. The man with skills & determination to abolish ever-condemned bureaucracy at RUSD.

2. The man with determination & commitment to eradicate incompetence & corruptions at RUSD.

3. The man with expertise to rewrite Bylaws making RUSD transparent & accountable.

4. The man with passion & vision to revitalize RUSD to achieve integrity & excellence .

And I Will Clean Up That Place for You!


Before It is Too Late

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