Fallacy of Democracy


The simple majority rule, when created, was hailed as the ultimate epitome of human accomplishment in modern civilization–democracy, replacing tyranny, corruption and abuse.  However, over the years as the population grows, this simple majority rule has become a monster of anti-democracy.

Simple majority rule made perfect sense when there was a full participation by every voter.  In the old days, it was feasible for each potential voter attending a town hall meeting, seeing and hearing firsthand the delivery, arguments or debates by all the candidates.  Each could even ask questions and expected to get answers from a candidate.   Each voter was able to make an informed decision before casting the vote.  Therefore, the simple majority rule worked then.

Simple majority rule can only work when the population is small. Unfortunately, nowadays only a small fraction of voters, usually less than 20 percent, cast their votes in most elections in this country.  As it turns out, you only need 11% of the votes cast to control and manipulate the outcome of most elections.  In most cases, unions, special interest groups and political machines control more than 11% of the votes being cast. Unfortunately, those unions and special interest groups often represent the opposite of the best interests of the 89% silent majority.

This has become a tremendous social cost that has virtually driven the country into the ground, because, through the chosen proxies elected, the unions, special interest groups and political machines monopolize the power to allocate the public resources as spoils to themselves, to re-insure re-elections, defeating the very purpose of democracy at public expense.  This situation can only get worse, unless rectified now.  

There are countless examples throughout the country from local to federal governments from D.C. to Detroit to the nearby City of Bell and Rowland Unified School District (“RUSD”) in California.  Let’s examine RUSD for example.  Within the last 3 years, the virtually same Board Members, that have been running the school district for the last 10 years, have lost over 2,000 students to neighboring school districts for better education and closed 3 schools.  They even had to lease the closed, unused school facilities to a private school, Southlands, collecting rent as a landlord.  Furthermore, the RUSD School Board has in the last 10 years over-taxed our properties, sitting on a cash reserve 4 times more than required by the state law.  In short, they have more school facilities than they can use; they have more cash reserve than they can spend.  There is no justification whatsoever for RUSD to collect another single penny from property owners.

And yet, that incompetent and corrupt school board, acting in concert with the management, is issuing another $160 Million school bonds allegedly for building more school facilities, rewarding most generous payments to that equally incompetent and corrupt management that has been running the school district like a quasi-criminal operation, defiant to law and ethics, e.g., refusing to produce any public records and awarding contracts to companies owned or controlled by board/family members, notwithstanding vehement protests by parents and teachers.

Last November, to compensate the successful campaign for re-election of certain board member, the Superintendent that had been condemned by the teachers union, teachers, parents and all new candidates was just illegally rewarded by the current board members with an extended employment contract before its expiration right before the new board members were sworn in to preempt the likely termination by the new Board Members.

It’s time to reverse the simple majority rule to prevent corruptions, abuses and incompetence, unless and until there is a full or at least 51% participation in an election.

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